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Thoughts of Susan

Have you ever just felt tired? Tired of "learning", tired of thinking, tired of working, of dreaming, tired of hoping for things that you know, but keep hidden deep within your mind, will never actually happen? Do you get tired of pretending and lying, and hiding the fact that you are really fucking upset just because nobody really wants to listen to you?
Tired of caring, huh?
Are you tired of feeling?
Tired of hurting and hurting and hurting and having nothing come out of it all? Are you tired of listening to everyone else's problems and showing sincere concern and support towards them only to feel as if you are pushed aside in return? Tired of being emotionally stomped on by the whims and ways of the world, only to lose and receive no reward. Are you ever tired of breathing? Tired of the life you're living? Just tired of being?

I am.

But this is a tired that you can't sleep away.
It won't go away now..
Maybe not ever.
Get used to being tired...
Because you'll be that way until you really sleep.

Goodnight my lovelies.
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