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ever noticed that really catchy songs always have the hustle beat?
lovefool by the cardigans had it, oh what a night had it, shit the HUSTLE had it...
its NOT a coincidence, its a clue.

so, if i make a song with the hustle beat, no matter WHAT it says it should be catchy, and if im cute enough and make a music video with lipstick lesbians in it (or alotta shakin asses) i should be the next big thing.
i think im gonna call it "baby when i thought about you today, i threw up a little"

this is what ive got so far...

*i would never grab your back-fat. i would never poke your belly, i'd never make cracks about the size of your thighs, but baby you did me so wrong, and when i thought about you today...i threw up a little...*

you think its bad now...wait till you start seein' that shit on the Mtv
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