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thises and thats

so i was having a discussion with my boyfriend last night and we started rattling off names for our future children.
[yeah, you can just see the possible fights with THAT.]
but anyway, after hundreds of names i found the best name for a child, EVER.
but he disapproved.
not because it isnt cool.
but he thinks the child will be bullied for it.
i COMPLETELY disagree.
i think kids will be too intimiated by his name to bully him.
get this...
the best name EVER...
why doesn't anyone USE the name lucifer?
goddamnned devil had to RUIN it.
but what i don't get is that people use "luther" which is lucifer in another language.
seems stupid.
but anyway, im done with my rant.
my future son will be named lucifer and that is that.
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