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Honored, Really

Man, invited to a community, what a privelidge. Someone likes my name? Or thinks I'm cool. I'm sure it's the livejournal name, I was excited when I finally decided on it.

Anyone here know the artist Paul Klee? One of his lesser known works in In the Current Six Thresholds, or maybe not lesser known, but less appreciated than the celebrated Twittering Machine. But I was hit by this painting right away. It's got a basic black toned backround, with earthy colored horizontal and vertical lines. Good thing about the screen name is, you don't have to know anything about my beloved Klee, or anything about his painting, it just sounds good. The words have a chrystal clear flow, and to me atleast, they make me think of an intangible place. However, that name is the only way I've really done justice to this journal. Either that or my concise intrests list.

Maybe it was my ever so sophisticated name that I spent too long explaining, or maybe I'm just a cool chick.
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